Is Antigone a tragic play as defined by Aristotles 6 points of tragedy

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Is Antigone a tragic play as defined by Aristotle? Antigone is not a tragic play. Rather it is a theological debate spawned by Sophocles, a debate that is still raging today, the debate of who holds the higher law, the Gods or the State. While this debate has slowly twisted into Church versus State, which is a very different argument, the highest questions still remain the same: Which one is held higher in men’s (…

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…to the States jurisdiction, so to speak. The state can only hold sway over men when they live, but when they die the sate no longer has control over them. “You have no right to trample on God’s right.” says Haimon to his father. The laws of the Sate can only traverse so far. For the laws of the Gods “are not merely now: they were and shall be, operative forever, beyond man utterly.”