Irish culture.

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The population of the Republic of Ireland is estimated at 3,621,000 (in 1996). Of those, over 1 million live in the greater Dublin area. Ireland has a young population, with 44% of the population under 25.The Gaelic is National language,English as a second language came to Ireland with the Normans in the 12th century.The 70,000 kilometer squares island just like covered by a huge green carpet,this gives Ireland another name-- "Emerald Isle".Above all were a whole …

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…restaurants and cafes everywhere to suit your budget. And if you have particular tastes or needs, do ring ahead and ask. Most restaurants will be happy to offer vegetarian dishes and children's menus. For a relatively small island Ireland offers an extraordinarily wide variety of countryside and coastline. An ecologically clean environment also makes for pure air, clear water and unspoiled stretches of countryside.Entertaining and being entertained are central to a holiday in Ireland.