Irish Potato Famine

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Irish Potato Famine Cronin 1 Throughout the ordeal of the Irish Potato Famine, c. 1845 - 1850, people throughout the world formed many different views on the situation. Those views formed mainly through information fed to world news agencies by the British government, the ruling power in Ireland at the time. While the Irish starved for lack of food and medical aid, the English government looked on with callous disinterest. English families feasted on Irish-grown grains and wheat, …

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…on the Irish Genocide: "Let us not dare to forget the terrible death and suffering that occurred between 1845 and 1850. In fact we should indelibly fix it in our personal and collective memory, for we are out ancestors." WORKS CITED Kennelly, Brendan. "Ireland, Past and Present." Secaucus, New Jersey: Chartwell Books Inc., 1985. Uris, Jill and Leon. "Ireland, A Terrible Beauty." New York, New York: Bantam Books., 1978. MacManus, Seamus. "The Story of the Irish Race." Devin-Aider Company., 1945.