Invisible Man

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Invisible Man - Overall Analysis Ellison's Invisible Man reads very much like a jazz composition. The narrator's voice comes to us from the 'lower frequencies.' His personal saga takes place against the backdrop of the America's complex diverse culture and society. The novel po rtrays the impoverished and the wealthy, the rural and the urban, the North and the South. Invisible Man is a narrative of the American experience. The narrator's own life story …

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…definition of himself, he paints a portrait of many selves. He does not represent the black American experience as one single experience, but as a diverse texture of experiences. Ultimately he defies blind enslavement to a single ideal. His experiences as a fugitive have ended, and he is ready t o re-emerge from hiding. He chooses to speak to others and not for others, drawing a clear boundary between his freedom and theirs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**