Invisible Hand of the Klan

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In the 1920's, America was undergoing an enormous social change. Business, industry and government were all subject to the great social movement. The new American was moving in a positive light, but with this light came darkness. As depicted in essays taken from Binder and Reimers "The Way We Lived," organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan played a big role in America during the twenties. From politics, religion, school policy and every day life …

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…few hate filled people should not reflect on an entire culture. Listening to stories that grandmother would tell about my great-great grandfather she was little was that he was a kind and fair man. Although he owned run slaves, he freed them. Only to have several stay and work for him. Many of which are buried in our family cemetery. As far as I know the only hate he had was for the navy blue.