Investigative Report: Into Africa

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Investigative Report: Into Africa This report will focus on the continent of Africa and its relationship with United States foreign policy. It is a policy that many argue does not exist. The investigation will reveal answers to questions such as, is Africa a forgotten nation? and can anything be done to strengthen ties between the U.S. and Africa? Also, the investigation will draw parallels as to why the United States, a powerhouse in the …

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…nation, to a nation that we share with both mutual respect and mutual interests a positive relationship can evolve. By applying certain goals found in the theory of American foreign policy, many changes can be made in acquiring a political, social, and economic relationship with America’s ancestral land. Work Cited Booker, Salih. “Africa, The Invisible Land, Is Gaining Visibility.” Annual Editions: American Foreign Policy. New York: Crown Publishers. Sixth Edition, 2000-2001: 88-89. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**