Introduction to Philosophy: This essay is about my philosophy of human nature and a comparison and contrast with Karl Marx's view of human nature. Essay includes resources.

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Philosophy of Human Nature My philosophy of human nature is based on the existence of God. To get a more in depth view of my philosophy, I will explain in detail that I have a theistic view much like the philosopher St. Thomas Aquinas. I was raised in a deeply religious catholic family, who frequented church on a regular basis. This upbringing in the catholic setting has deeply impacted my view of human nature and …

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…a person's standard of living, making their lives miserable. Also Russia created a communist society in their country during 1917-1991, but they failed because this revolution ultimately ruined their economy. This is another reason why communism would be bad for a society. A resources that are marked in parentheses ( ) were taken from, Ten Theories of Human Nature the third edition marked as TTHN. Also from the Enduring Questions, seventh edition marked as EQ in parentheses.