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TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface Introduction Canada -- USA's Largest Trading Partner NAFTA Introduction Exporting Guidelines Incentives Customs Contacts Trade Contacts Company Specific -- Massasoit Machine, Inc. Manufacturers' Representative Recommendations Appendices A Country Data B Canadian Domestic Economy C Canadian Trade Statistics D Canada - New England Trade Summary, 1997 E NAFTA: A Partnership at Work F (SIC-3081) - Machine Shop Industry G List of Major Industries for SIC-3081 (Machine Shop) H Internet Access for International Business, …

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…of total domestic exports activity in the manufacturing sector. The same industry in the U.S. accounted for 4.3% of domestic export activity within the entire manufacturing sector. Presented below, as a possible proxy or indicator of comparative advantage is an U.S. and Canadian comparison of "export intensity". Export intensity is measured as a ratio of domestic exports to total shipments. Canada - Export Intensity The Canadian industry received [no data available]% of its revenues