Interviewing two teachers,then comparing and contrasting them.

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Teachers have a very important but difficult job in our society. They are educators, counselors, coaches, friends, and sometimes even a parental figure all at the same time. This is a very heavy burden to carry while trying to educate our youth. The two teachers that were interviewed for this paper were Victoria Rivera, a sixth grade teacher from Brooklyn, New York, and Marcus Williams, a high school history teacher that also lives in Brooklyn, …

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…In conclusion from the two interviews, I have learned both some of the positives, and negatives of teaching. Paperwork, and lack of parental involvement seem to be the most difficult problems to overcome. Both Mrs. Rivera, and Mr. Williams are dedicated to helping students achieve overall success in education, and also in life. They are two teachers who want nothing else but to help the students they are dealing with, and to be successful professionals.