Interview with Abraham Lincoln

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Interview with the Abe Lincoln: by:blAh What Do you think of Jefferson Davis? Well, first off, I don't hate the man, even though he is President for the Confederates, I just believe that he has his mind in the wrong place. As you see, he was born and raised with slaves doing everything for him, and if he was told to give it up just like THAT, of course he would fight back on …

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…about states' rights, because doing so makes their side seem less evil. It's semantics, really, because nothing's completely cut and dry. All wars are about one of two things--money or morality. And this war was a combination of the two: The South supported slavery because of financial factors and the North resented it because of moral reservations. You know, every region has their political disputes, but think of it this way: No slavery, no war.