Interpretations of the Mind I attempted to merge my discussion of Carver's story and Holland's essay. I tried to show the reader how I agree with Holland and Carver's discussion.

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At times humans are helpless. In many occasions, it does not matter how strong or how important we are, we feel weak, and vulnerable. When we are sick, depressed, or lonely we are helpless. In Raymond Carver's story, there are a number of things, which point to the story talking about death and life, the following quote illustrates this: "Slugs" and "I just gave them a dose of this," he said raising a can of …

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…cannot write history. I envisage that in order for me to be able to identify something I must know, investigate, analyze, and/or study what it is. As consequence, I may be able to relate to it. I understand that everyone has his or her own identity, even though we are part of a whole. In the following quote, "Identity is to self," (121) I can relate if I have prior knowledge of what is presented.