Interpretations of Socrates's definition of wisdom

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“…. he went to Delphi at one time and ventured to ask the oracle…he asked if any man was wiser than I, and the Pythian replied that no one was wiser…” 21b The oracle speaks in amphiboly. An amphiboly is a statement whose meaning is indeterminate in a peculiar way. The statement has an obvious meaning that is false and a hidden or concealed meaning which is true. It often requires an interpretation, which is …

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…not be blind by things that are of no importance. When wealth, reputation and honors are of no importance, the “value” or “worthiness” of your wisdom will also cease to important. Wisdom may or may not be worthless, that depends solely on one’s approach to life. People who are not concern about things of value or worthiness (i.e., wealth, reputation and honors) will also not be concern with the “worthiness” of their wisdom.