Internationalisation opportunities for the Hong Leong Group: The case of the Telecommunication sector in Thailand.

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1. The reasons for choosing Thailand. Pro&Cons of being located within this specific region This report will focus on the Telecommunication sector in Thailand because privatisation of state-owned companies is liberalising the telecommunication sector. Another reason for choosing Thailand, over other countries in the South East Asia region, is that political uncertainties are avoidable because of the maturity of democracy and fiscal policies under the current Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra. The global telecommunications …

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…may be very costly in view of the government lack of investment here. At present 28% of the total population in Thailand use mobiles, a figure likely to increase (UK Trade Investment, 2004). The future market potential will provide business opportunities, in a wider range of telecom related services, internet service provider, e-commerce and e-banking. These spin effects create other business opportunities in return for high investment. This will help to optimise Hong Leong Group's other competences.