Internal Conflicts of Beloved

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The conclusion of the novel Beloved is packed with internal reconciliations, retributions and salvations, both those that were accomplished and those that were narrowly missed. The two main characters that did experience a reconciliation, retribution or salvation in the largest degree, or at least should have, in my opinion, were Denver and Sethe. Denver was raised in an environment that some would deem not entirely healthy. To start with, her entire family was shunned by …

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…the book would tell. (or possibly a sequel) Although the book doesn't end as I would ideally like it too, it does have a fundamentally happy ending. The eventual villain is vanquished, the heroine and her man get back together, they are all welcomed back into the community, and the damage done to the heroine may eventually be made better. And that is all that can ever be asked for in a good book, right?