Intelligence oversight issues both prior and after an incident has occured.

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INTELLIGENCE OVERSIGHT The United States has developed an intelligence program based around the Cold War and has since evolved to cover the gathering and analysis of information around the world. With the knowledge that is gained from intelligence gathering on politically or economically unstable nations, there is a risk of possible abuse of the information to threaten other governments or governmental officials. The problem with trying to control intelligence is that to much management might …

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…CIA. Law Enforcement is the key to this equation and by using the intelligence side of law enforcement; they will be able to act as a liaison between the two agencies. The oversight of intelligence by the government is already as strong as possible, but the real intelligence oversight occurs when agencies do not work together and share information. SOURCE USED Lowenthal, Mark M. INTELLIGENCE: FROM SECRETS TO POLICY. 2nd Ed. Washington, DC: CQ Press, 2003.