Integration issues businesses may encounter and methods of countering them.

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Abstract Hewlett-Packard (HP) recently acquired Compaq Computer Corporation; extensive pre-planning to integrate the two corporation's systems, cultures and methodologies occurred prior to the final acquisition. The issues explored (customer satisfaction, human resources gridlock, and internal communications) are a result of merging two diverse corporations. Hewlett-Packard's Integration Working in pre-merger Compaq and being integrated into the cultural norms and values of Hewlett-Packard (HP) has provided great insight into both managing change and being a part of …

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…plan with firm milestone dates using a 'glocalization' mindset. Management should review decisions made by integration architecture planning teams for wisdom that was not implemented and/or communicated upon the actual integration. Consolidation of human resources should move forward (hopefully away from the direction of siloed businesses into a more empirical structure). Bibliographies Spiegler, Marc. The Industry Standard. Glocalization: Easier Said Than Done. Issue Date: Oct 09 2000. Retrieved February 14, 2003 from,1902,18890,00.html.