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How To Pick Up In A Club Audience: Males between the age of 14 Ė 25, who enjoy dancing, drinking, and having fun. Purpose: To advantage those who, unlike me, have troubles with confidence, looks, and overall charm. Having trouble picking up at clubs? Are you sick and tired of being the odd one out when you go to clubs, when all your friends pick up and for some reason you hesitate. If you are finding this a …

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…You have no confidence. C) You canít dance. D) All, or a combination of the above. To overcome this you may; A) Get plastic surgery. B) Take dancing lessons. C) Drink alcoholic beverages before you enter to get the blood pumping and the confidence up. D) Donít go to clubs. They may not be youíre type of scene. Try kicking back at a party or some other sort of non-dancing, big-drinking function.