Instability As A Nascent To Tyranny

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In William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Caesar was elected ruler for fear of instability and killed for fear of tyranny. The citizens of Rome are timorous about having an unstable government because they don't want war and fighting within their country. But a fully stable government can and must be run by only one person, because no matter how well two people get along, they will always have disagreements. Therefore, if tyranny is reached, one person …

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…unrest and war within Rome, defeating the purpose of their mission. They felt that they were saving Rome from tyranny, but in the very end, tyranny is stronger than ever. Caesar's system was hanging in the balance between instability and tyranny, but the conspirators came in and upset everything. They created everything but a solid ruling form. The final fate of the government proves that an unstable government is a leading cause to possible tyranny.