"Innovative Gaming: A New Approach to Consumer Saving" is a project report in which a new product was created that would be worthwhile to the consuming public.

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Table of Contents I. Introduction: Mission Statement and Vision II. Product Description and Strategies of Attracting Customer Cost for Products and Services Savings: Get more for what you pay for Customer Satisfaction Consumer Appeal Advantages III. Consumer Market and Advertising Network Marketing to Word-of Mouth Consumer Market Target and Location IV. Input and Expenses Expenses: Capital goods Employee Expense and Specification Procedures and Length of Production V. Profit Margin Revenues VI. Legalities and Risk Factors …

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…Tom Clancy novel -- but only one use infringes. My VCR can copy my home movies, time shift the West Wing, or make copies of my rented blockbuster version of the Lord of the Rings." "Because VCRs can be used both for unlawfully copying copyrighted works and for copying non-copyrighted works, or for time shifting, the United States Supreme Court has held that the manufacturers of VCRs are not liable for any infringement." -Mark Rasch