Inherit the Wind Drummond's defense (VS) Brady's

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In the play Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, the two main characters, Drummond and Brady have different opinions on how humans arrived on earth. Drummond supports the evolution theory, while Brady, the creation theory. The book, which is the Broadway play's script, is based on the 1925 Tennessee vs. John Thomas Scopes trial. The trial itself had a series of conflicts, the main one being evolution vs. religion, yet there was …

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…He clarified Darwins theory that it took ten million years for man to evolve, and then in the same way proved that one of the days written in the bible could have been ten million years long. In conclusion, Brady and Drummond did not resolve the ideas in conflict but I think the point Drummond stated about the length of a day put the whole evolution and creation debate into perspective, the best for me.