Influences on environment and herdity on measured intelligence

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Intelligence What are the influences of environment and heredity on measured intelligence? HEREDITY Psychologists are greatly divided over whether heredity or environment has a more dominant influence on individual intelligence. Although some animal studies appear to suggest heredity have the greatest influence, a seemingly more accurate conclusion may be drawn form human studies on intelligence. In studies on the similarities between IQ of siblings reared in the same and separate environments, the IQ of fraternal …

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…our intelligence. The studies that showed that children that were placed into a different environment, that was more stimulating to the previous one they were in, tells us that the more you stimulate your mind, the greater you intelligence will be. References: Coon, D. (1998) Introduction to Psychology: Exploration and Application. Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole. Rawlings, M & D (1991) Psychology: Self and Others. Stav Publishing. Robert Cancro, MD (1971) Intelligence: Genetic and Environmental influences. Grune & Stratton, INC