Infant Circumcision

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Infant Circumcision: Can they really feel it? As an American living in the twentieth century, I can state with certainty that one of the biggest things we pride ourselves on is our technological superiority and advances in healthcare. That is why I was so shocked to learn that most infants who receive circumcisions in the United States go under the knife with no anesthesia of any kind. The explanation for this, although archaic, is understandable …

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…instead of focusing on that it instead concentrated on the different types of anesthesia and which worked the best. 2. Williamson, Marvel L., Circumcision anesthesia: a study of nursing implications for dorsal penile nerve block. Vol. 23, Pediatric Nursing, 01-11-1997, pp 59 (5). This article helped me by going very in depth about the study that was done and explaining the major differences between the reactions of newborns who have the procedure done either with or without lidocane.