Industry Research Comparing the May 1949 And 1954 New York City Media Markets

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As I began this assignment I expected to find some drastic differences in each of the mediums during this five-year period. While many of the changes that I anticipated did occur, there were many more that came as a surprise. From 1948 until 1952 there was a freeze on licenses being issued by the FCC. Thus, I expected to see a large growth in the number of television stations and anticipated a slight decline in the number …

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…the total number of patrons didn't double, but rather since the availability of screenings had increased, the opportunistic viewer had more choices and was more inclined to attend spontaneously. I believe that I might have seen more dramatic changes if I had looked at a smaller market that was not on the cutting edge. Overall, it was very interesting to look at the changes that took place throughout the entertainment industry during this time period.