Industrial Revolution 7

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American dream promises equal opportunity to pursuit ones happiness, personal wellbeing, and reward for all those Americans and immigrants who endure, overcome, and ultimately prevail hardships. However during the era of American Industrialization, many people were exploited and forced to work or else face starvation. New inventions increased the rate of production and the efficiency of the workers, thus greatly increasing profit. Success of capitalism further promoted continuation of exploitations lead on by few …

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…difficult to bend the influential upper-class to earn less money. Workers in America faced a long, uphill challenge to win their fair treatment. In that challenge, more and more workers would turn to labor unions to help their cause. As Confucius says, a twig can be broken, however, a pile of twigs cannot. Laborers would endure violence, cruelty and bitter defeats. Consequently, this suffering ensured them that in time, their cause will be fully worth.