Industrial Revoluiton: the positives and negitives of the industrial revolution in social, political, and economic areas.

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Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution is a major factor in why our nation is like it is today. We are a nation formed under capitalism, and the industrial revolution was the epitome of capitalism. It was the start of big business, big cities, and big pay checks for some. A lot of good things and some bad things came form the revolution. It seemed that a positive usually went hand in hand with a negative. …

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…were invented, and cities began to grow. Even though there were such things like child labor, abusive working conditions, and unsanitary living conditions we worked together and improved them. We formed unions, collations, and organizations to help the people who needed and to improve how things were done. With out the Industrial Revolution I do not know were our country would be right now, but I know this I probably would want to be there.