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NATIONALISM - people’s sense of belonging together as a nation - loyalty to the nation, pride in its culture and history - a desire for national independence - movement in which the nation-state is regarded as paramount for the realization of social, economic and cultural aspirations of people I. CAUSES FOR THE RISE OF NATIONALISM IN INDONESIA - the Indonesians seeked for unity in their country to fight the colonizers (Dutch) that are getting …

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…escalating into another “police action” in December 1948 - At the conference’s urging, the Security Council ordered an immediate cease-fire, release of political prisoners, and the reestablishment of the republican government in Jogjakarta. - The United States also brought tremendous pressure on the Netherlands government, which yielded to the tide of world opinion, finally agreeing to transfer sovereignty to Indonesian hands on December 27,1949 - Indonesian nationalism had, at last, fully triumphed over an obstinate colonialism