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Mohegans and Comanches Different or Similar Long ago, the Earth was formed atop the back of a giant turtle. From the earth the Great Spirit put life into all things: trees, plants, animals and people. An Indian was created named Gunche Mundo who developed a Mother Tribe, and divided it into three clans--Turtles, Turkeys and Wolves. The Wolf People, known as Mohegans, separated from the Turtles and Turkeys, and headed east toward the rising sun. …

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…very differently, yet the Mohegans and the Comanches both left a lasting impression in history. The Mohegans and the Comanches were only two tribes out of so many in the United States. Every tribe had different characteristics. They used their different qualities to live within their surroundings. If it wasn’t raiding villages or other tribes, then it was fishing for food. All the tribes lived very differently, but they still made it through history.