Incantations of the Supernatural in Rime of the Ancient Mariner

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Dale Hunsucker English 2323 Ms. Palmer February 27, 2000 Incantations of the Supernatural in “Rime Of the Ancient Mariner” Samuel Taylor Coleridge states his duties in writing for the Lyrical Ballads “…. to be, in part at least, supernatural; and the excellence aimed at was to consist in the interesting of the affections by the dramatic truth of such emotions, supposing them real” ( “Biographia Literaria”). Coleridge was to write about the supernormal in such a way that the ordinary …

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…could be successfully intertwined into a story that embodied many themes. His style allowed the reader to believe, given poetic faith, that anyone could happen upon these situations within his time. However, part of the appeal of the poem was that it could never be totally and fully explained. Samuel Taylor Coleridge stuck to his principals of writing about the supernatural, and by doing so created one of the greatest poems of the Romantic Period.