In this paper there are five questions asked and answered about the Stanford Experiment conducted in 1971. The questions are about the ethics of the experiment.

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Discuss the ethics of the Stanford Prison Experiment. In your answer, be sure to touch on the parts of the experiment that may be considered unethical, why the study was conducted the way it was and what was done to protect the subjects, and whether you feel that under the current ethical guidelines this study could be conducted today. Ethics is thought of as a moral principle, or what should be right. The experiment that …

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…issue by conducting his experiment in a prison setting. The prisoners had to be obedient. The prisoners had to obey because they knew something bad would happen to them if they choose not to obey. They had to choose to be beat or obey. Zimbardo was conducting this experiment to see how the reactions were going to be. He wanted to observe the role-playing of others and to see if they would obey under pressure.