In the Eyes of a Plumber

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In the Eyes of a Plumber For me, this is a world without heroes, without hope. There seems to be pain and suffering everywhere, immorality lurking around every corner, corruption pervading in all we hold sacred, like the creeping death through the land of Goshen. So it logically follows that the man who has taught me the most about life is not from this world. At first glance, he appears to be your run-of-the-mill video …

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…human reprobation. It can be overwhelming. But Mario shows a better way, shows that only I can improve my life. I cannot sit hermit-like in my home, attempting to blot out reality, like an ostrich sticking its head in sand, because that will change nothing. The plumber has taught me to be proactive with my life. Besides, who better to clean such a cesspool than a plumber? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** Its all out of my head!