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English book report. 1. Title: “In Cold Blood.” 2. Author plus biographical background information: Truman Capote, one of America’s most famous writers was born in New Orleans in 1924 and died in California in 1984. He wrote both fiction and non- fiction stories. (for example this book, “ In cold blood”) short stories, novels, travel writing, profiles, reportage, memoirs, plays and films. 3. Number of pages: 336 4. Theme (s): - Murder - Feelings 5. The Clutter family. Herb Clutter: He’s the …

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…spent the money on a holiday in Miami. Then they travel to Las Vegas where the police catch them. They are questioned about the murder and they finally make a full confession. They spent the rest of their time in jail until they have to go to court to hear their punishment. The jury as the judge decides to give them the dead penalty by hanging. Eventually both of the men are hanged on April 14 1965.