In English class we were given the freedom to write on any personal topic. I chose to describe the effects that evolution in terms of ascension will have on biology and society.

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Becoming the Authentic Self: A Journey into the Unknown "Fire," Sh'allah calls as a sphere of water passes from her hand to Manoe's. The scintillating globe transfigures itself into a fireball at Manoe's will. "Earth," Manoe giggles and tosses it back as the sphere forms into a piece of onyx. "Air," calls as Sh'allah bounces the rock off her finger toward Zolan. The object is transformed into a ball of pure force. This is a …

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…to command the reality we wish to create. I have seen what is possible and offer the reader the same choice- are you willing to set aside what one has known to pursue a path that will be rewarding beyond description? The path surpasses cultural, sexual, and age boundaries. So it is up to you, and either way, I hold no judgement toward the choices persons make and I hope others will do the same.