In 1989, a bomb was dropped on the Boston banking industry when a FED study of neighborhood lending patterns provided evidence of discrimination.

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Introduction Over the past several decades there has been concern about the creation of "ghettos" of various kinds in urban America - and about the contribution of lending institutions to this process. For inner-city minorities it has often been particularly difficult to get funding for home purchases or to finance business - despite a number of governmental and industry efforts to reverse or offset this situation. Part of this problem sometimes stem from discrimination - …

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…of Boston, because as we have seen there are many strengths and a competitive advantage to BayBank. In addition, BayBank should consider the case of acquiring branching offices and expand its market beyond Massachusetts borders and merge with another big bank, so that it will have the advantages of BayBank's world-class technology and consumer innovation with the other banks international franchise and sophistication in corporate banking. Business Policy 16/11/1999 BAYBANK BOSTON by: Margariti Antigoni Soulimioti Maria