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Impressionism relates to a style of painting and composing from the last third of the 19th century. It was started by Claude Monet and his paintings and then worked its way into Debussy’s compositions. In painting terms this style was characterized by “short brush strokes of bright colors…to represent the effect of light on an object”(Wechsler 6). The music of the impressionist composers contained “hidden” images and portrayed “reality” through music. The impressionist …

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…be the reason that the paintings of this period are some of the most prized paintings in the world. The Impressionist movement stirred emotions from the plain and ordinary subjects that were painted, with variations in light and shadows. Bibliography Works Cited 1. Wechsler, Herman. French Impressionists. Abrams, 1953. 2. The National Gallery: Exhibitions. 3. Web Museum, Paris. 4. Classical Music Pages.