Implied Attitudes In The Work Of Kate Chopin

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“The Story of an Hour” and “The Storm” are two greatly appreciated pieces of work written by Kate Chopin. The two stories differentiate in attitude toward marriage and its outstanding outcomes. The writer, Kate Chopin, shares many opinions on how marriage may one’s life ; this includes a controlling marriage, a doubtful marriage, and a loving marriage. Living life in a marriage of control allows one-self to be extremely indulged in self-torment. No person can …

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…plagueing their town and drowning their fears. Seeing pure love is seeing a most powerful force capable of overcoming anything in its way, even evil. All these types of marriages conclude implied attitude in Chopin’s work. From a controlled marriage, to a doubtful marriage, down to the very best of a loving marriage, one may see how the two stories, “The Story of an Hour” and “The Storm” have differences in attitude toward marriage.