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CPRS Implementation Plan VA Chicago Health Care System (Printed on May 11, 1999) In preparation for the conversion to Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS), this report will act as the basis for: 1) presenting the status of implementation and 2) the timing of the implementation processes. Note that a separate accompanying calendar with target dates for more specific activities is available. GENERAL ACTIVITIES  STAFFING Status: (11/10/98) Agreement among the Associate Medical Center Director, the Chiefs-of-Staff of both divisions, and the …

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…WILL BE THE PRIMARY CONTACT FOR PRIVATE VENDOR TRAINERS HIRED TO PERFORM CPRS TRAINING Status: To be placed before CPRS Committee, Actions: CACís suggest Education Service oversee this task. CACís will set-up class schedules, differentiating sessions by user class. Target completion date: August 1, 1999. Outcome: Ongoing  DEVELOP MECHANISM FOR IMMEDIATE AVAILABLE ASSISTANCE DURING INITIAL IMPLEMENTATION WEEKS IN ALL CLINICAL AREAS Status: Placed before CPRS Committee Actions: Awaiting wordÖ. Target completion date: Outcome: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**