Impeachment of Andrew Johnson

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One manís bullet would force him into the presidency, and but for one manís vote he would have been forced out. Like the impeachment of President Clinton, the impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson in 1868 also ended in an acquittal.And like President Clinton, Johnson was a Democratic president who faced a Republican-controlled Congress. And while many were hostile to him for his political agenda, it would be an event separate from his …

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…later on the second and third articles. The chamber adjourned without voting on the remaining charges. Johnson served the remainder of Lincolnís term but failed to win his partyís nomination for president. However, in 1874, Tennessee sent him back to the very Senate that had tried to convict him. He died in 1875 and was buried near his home in Greeneville, Tenn. ó wrapped in the flag, his head pillowed by a copy of the Constitution.