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Miles Love Impartiality, beneficence, and friendship Lawrence Blum Pre-Ethics 8:00a.m. Dr. Wolters Lawrence Blum feels that there are restrictions on impartiality when related to specific social roles such as professions pertaining to law, education and medicine. We have a role leaning more towards that of beneficence to friends however unrelated to the obligations of the professional responsibility. For one not to feel impartial in the direction of a strangerís well being is natural, …

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…is correct that friendships have a certain attachment to beneficence, but if you add gender it is a whole new topic of discussion. First women and children! Impartiality plays a big role in protecting the lives of our women and our children. Friends are certainly high on ones list of priorities, but when a woman or child is hurt or killed it brings a sense of sadness that much greater to the heart. Bibliography None