Immigrant Voices

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The Book Immigrant Voices by Thomas Dublin is focused on giving readers a close view of what things were like for immigrants between the years of 1773-1986. It contains diaries, letters, autobiographies, and interviews of actual immigrants during this time period. The book tells many facts about immigration to America and the harsh realities people faced. The first immigrant I read about was John Harrower. Harrower was from the Shetland Islands and was forced to …

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…didn't realize that we were going to a new country." I cannot imagine the pain that these people must have felt not knowing what was going to happen to them and their families. In conclusion the book Immigrant Voices lets the reader know, in detail, what it was like to be an immigrant. Immigrance in America caused much suffering to many people. Because of this we now have a very multiracial and multicultural society today.