Image Audit of Olav Thon Real Estates

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Image Audit of Olav Thon Real Estates THE IMAGE AUDIT Corporate Communication – 1998-99 ? Describe your organization and do a mini-SWOT analysis of it. Olav Thon Eiendomsselskap ASA was founded and given its present structure in 1982. The company is a part of the Olav Thon Group. It was introduced on the Oslo Stock Exchange in 1983, and the company has grown considerably since then. The Group is mainly involved in real estate and operations in the hotel …

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…a manufacturing facility. Because a corporation relies heavily on local governments for construction permits, changes in zoning laws, and even tax concessions, a good working relationship with city hall and various community groups is important. A community relations program also helps in the recruitment of employees and gives the company an influential voice in community affairs. ? “Public Relations – The Profession and the Practice” Otis Baskin, Craig Aronoff, Dan Lattimore, 1997 Times Mirror Higher Education Group, Inc.