Illusions (The Illusions that exist in Shakespeare's play Hamlet)

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The play of Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, tells the story of a tragedy in Denmark. In the story almost all of the main characters, Polonius, Claudius, and Hamlet, give an appearance of being respectable individuals. When one examines these characters closely, one finds each character reveals a darker and more malignant nature. As characters plot out their own agendas, the reader sees just how much appearance versus reality plays a role in Hamlet. <…

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…nature takes over. Comparing Claudius' reality and appearance, the reader sees how they vastly differ. Murder, deceit, and adultery shame Claudius, but he fashions himself as a noble king. Through Hamlet's character the reader sees his vengeance hiding behind his acts of madness and lust. Though all of these illusions represent a grand scheme, the plan fails leaving all of the characters dead. In conclusion, the illusions carry the play along until each characters' death.