Illusion and reality in Hamlet.

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A common theme in Shakespeare's plays is that of illusion and reality. It can be seen at work in a variety of ways in Hamlet. The distinction between illusion and reality would appear to be obvious at first glance, but in fact, as Shakespeare illustrates, it often is not clear at all. What is perceived to be 'real', is often decided by the individual. The word 'real' also includes the idea of truth and, as …

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…with each other. Another reason is that most of the characters are not always what they appear to be. The deception in the play is what builds character and develops the plot and suspense. The plot is gradually revealed until eventually, the main people involved with illusion and reality die in one dramatic sequence. These final tragic events bring the play to its inevitable, allowing Fortinbras to begin again with Horatio to reveal the truth.