Illusion and Disillusion in Hemingway's Old Man and the Sea

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The Journey from Illusion to Disillusion in Hemingway’s Old Man and The Sea In our world today we are constantly bombarded with messages of illusion and falsity, however the states in which people travel through their lives differ. Some people are suspended in a state of illusion for all their lives, only realizing their potential on their deathbed. Others have their illusions stolen from them as a child and are brought up in a …

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…rite of passage, one can never find true happiness in our world. Though our society is filled with illusions, it is only when we know the truth, can be happy with what we see in the mirror and realize that our mistakes don’t change who we are. We all must come to the realization that we are never truly defeated, so long as we learn from our lessons and come out as better people.