Iliad and Odyssey

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The views and beliefs of societies are often portrayed in the literature, art, and cinema of a certain era. The epic poems, The Iliad and Odyssey, give scholars and historians an idea how the Ancient Greek lived their everyday lives. By reading the two "novels," the reader is able to experience the three thousand years old society of Homer. The various similarities between our society and the societies depicted in the Iliad and the Odyssey …

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…States society, least resembles the society of the Iliad and Odyssey. The reason for the is simple: technology. Our governments, laws, and values are advanced. Our beliefs in the supernatural are different to; this is due to advancements in science. We do not believe in Cyclopes, Nymphs, Witches, and other unreal creatures. The one thing that will always exist in every society is will to survive and the need to improve the quality of life.