If Foucault is correct about the multiple sites of resistance, what does this tell us about Hardt and Negri's political diagnosis in Empire?

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Introduction Firstly, two foundations for this study must be established: the nature and constitution of Foucault's multiple sites of resistance that we might, as clearly as possible, understand the lens through which we must view the political diagnosis proposed by Hardt and Negri in Empire; and also what the political diagnosis of Hardt and Negri actually is. This then allows us to attempt to draw out what we see through this particular Foucauldian lens, evaluating …

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…not sure who they are or what they should do beyond aspiring to a vague notion. Bibliography *Foucault, M. (1998) The will to knowledge: The History of Sexuality volume 1, Penguin Books. *Hardt, M. & Negri, A. (2000) Empire, Harvard University Press. *Smart, B. (2002) Michel Foucault *Fotopoulos, T. & Gezerlis, A. Hardt and Negri's 'Empire': a new Communist manifesto or a reformist welcome to neoliberal globalisation? *Muckelbauer, J. (2000) "On Reading Differently: Through Foucault's Resistance", College English, vol. 63 no. 1