Ideas of Automobiles

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Ideas of Automobiles The first true components of an automobile may have come from Otto Von Guericke, a 17th century German physicist. Guericke was noted as the first person to make metal pistons, cylinders, and connecting rods, the most basic components in a reciprocating engine. But the first automobile was believed to be the 1769 Cugnot steamer, a three-wheeled tractor. Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot invented the Cugnot steamer. The steamer was noted to have ran for 20 minutes at …

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…s strong and quick to meet the changing demands of the consumer. Ford continued to remain a leader in the 1990s. The Ford Taurus was named the best selling car many times. The Ford F-Series trucks were also named the best selling vehicle for 10 years. The latest trend in the 1990s is in sport utility vehicles. Ford recognized this market and is the industry leader in SUVs with both the Ford Explorer and the Navigator.