Ida B. Wells and her crusade against lynching. Includes information about the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments and the Enforcement Acts.

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Ida B. Wells and the Crusade against Lynching During the beginning of the 1880's, a series of laws known as the Jim Crow laws were passed. These laws legalized segregation between blacks and whites. When the blacks tried to stand up to the oppression they were threatened and in some cases killed. During this time, there were many lynchings and unfortunately, it was very common then. Frederick Douglass once said in a speech, "If there …

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…beliefs. She kept on fighting until her death. Ida B. Wells, the crusader against lynching, died of uremia in 1931. Ida B. Wells fought throughout her life for the equal rights of their people. They put their time and effort into their work, they struggled against the whites, against those who did not share the same view. And against all those struggles, they rose above them and eventually got what they all dreamed about, equal rights.