Iago's Self Perception

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Iago's Self Perception The play, Othello, is a play that we can read with a great deal of understanding because we can relate it to our society today. We often witness acts of racism, gender bashing, evil people and suicides because of poor self perception. In the play we see examples of all of these. Othello's suicide, Emilia's severe dislike for men and the constant reference to Othello's colour are all examples of the issues …

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…deep dislike for Iago. I cannot comprehend why he could be so cruel and ruin the lives of so many people who had never done anything but good for him. If Iago had performed his evil deeds in our society today we would have punished him for life. He would likely have a sentence of life in prison. Iago deserved to be punished to death for the way he manipulated the minds of his peers.