I was required to write about a personal experience. Mine was a rutine surgery that ended up being a major operation.

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One morning I woke up. I couldn't move. I could not feel anything. My head hurt. That was the only sensation I felt, until... I tried to move. The pain! It was beyond namable. The pain started in my stomach then shot through my back and added to the throbbing in my hammering head. When the initial shock and pain subdued to a more manageable stabbing throb, I tried to holler but I was left …

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…school but I wasn't allowed until another week. Even then I was limited in what I could do. No gym, no lifting more than 5 pounds, no extraneous activities, no gym, and a few other things. In spite of everything, I was glad to be back and school so I could catch up in all my work. I felt much better, and I was on my way to getting back into the swing of my life.