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The origins of the International Nuclear Information System (INIS) date to 1966 when consultants from the former USSR and USA outlined a scheme for an international information system. The birth of such a globally oriented nuclear information system, however, was some years in the making. Between the late 1940's and into the middle of the 1960's, a number of countries established national information activities in the nuclear area. Duplication of efforts and incomplete coverage of all …

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…an experimental basis in 1977 and on a regular basis in 1985 and on the Internet using a Web-based retrieval software in October 1998; introduction of an expert system for quality control in 1989; availability of the Database on CD-ROM in 1991; expansion of the subject scope to include the environmental and economic aspects of non-nuclear energy sources in 1992; and routine receipt of input to the system by electronic mail in 1993; availability of full text non-conventional literature on CD-ROM in 1997.